ReptiEye UVB lamp 80W R95

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The lamp does not require a ballast to operate!

Suitable for terrariums with a height of 60 cm.
The minimum recommended distance from the animal is 25-30 cm and more depending on the type of animal.

ReptiEye UVB lamp R95 is a quality lighting that is used for reptile breeding. It offers light , heat and a large output of UVA and UVB radiation . To create ideal conditions in terrariums, a lot of visible light, enough UVB and heat

are needed, only then do reptiles show us in their full colors and their behavior is natural.UVB radiation from the lamp significantly contributes to the good health and development of reptiles and supports the synthesis of vitamin D3 to prevent metabolic diseases. UVA radiation, in turn, ensures good vision of animals, which is crucial for diurnal reptiles, which are mainly oriented and perceive light up to UVA wavelengths.

The average life of the product is 5,000 hours. To provide the best for the animals, we recommend replacing the lamp with a new one after one year of use.