Morning wood

Lisää Repashyä. Morning wood on suunniteltu lajeille jotka syövät puuta (xylivore) Eli ihanteellista ruokaa siiroille.

Morning Wood by Repashy Superfoods is a premix designed for xylivore species. A xylivore is a species that feeds on or consumes wood. There are many species in the aquarium and vivarium hobby that can benefit from this diet. For aquarium species this gel is suitable for loricarid catfishes including plecostomus. Snails are also attracted to the gel formula. The original catalog description describes the intended use perfectly.

"Morning Wood: Our Super Firm, Long Lasting Formula for Fish that like to Suck Hard Wood. This freshwater gel premix formula uses wood cellulose and triple the gelling ingredients to create a durable high fiber gel feed that is great for wood rasping species. It also makes an excellent weekend feeder for the community tank. This formula is also very palatable for aquatic snails, and because it lasts a long time, it makes a great “bait” for attracting them to one location where they can easily be culled from the aquarium.”

The unintended use of the gel premix was that Isopods would also benefit from the diet. Ispods have become very popular in recent years as clean up crews (microfauna) for BioActive terrariums and vivariums. Morning Wood allows for a high quality diet to be offered for your cultures to thrive.